Set Your Life on Fire, Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames - Rumi

The Approach – Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching

Living out your full potential in life — no matter what your background, circumstances or history…race, religion or orientation — is a blessing for you and for humanity. It’s that simple. Sometimes though, the thoughts, actions and feelings created around or as a reaction to these aspects of life — these constructs — get in the way of achieving all that is possible.

Stones, Meditation, Zen, Balance, Rest, Patience

As a result, imbalances occur in different areas of our lives.  We bury our feelings. We feel anxious and worry. Our career falters or maybe our relationships become uneasy, or worse. We forget self-care. We isolate. Some of us lose touch with ourselves and our community. Integrative and Wellness Life Coaching can provide the tools, resources and guidance to correct course and get back on the road to balance.

To alight your life is to keep your purpose and passion fires burning. It is to remain steadfast in your pursuits, but not feel stuck or shaky. It allows and requires you to remain fluid, yet strong. Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching enables you to do just this.

The Vision

Our vision at Alight Your Life Coaching is to holistically empower you to fulfill your greatest potential in wellness, utilizing an expanded array of resources as the catalysts to shift your life in the right direction, allowing you to approach every day with enthusiasm, commitment, peace and joy.

The Story

I have two very dear friends that I’ve known since I was a teenager. One, an RN and the other, a successful floral designer. Throughout our busy lives, we try to find a few times a year when we can get together, catch up and reminisce.

During one of these sessions, I was speaking to the RN and telling him about an idea I had been mulling around. I knew that many of my fellow humans were struggling internally, even if on the surface things seemed “fine.”

Divorcing my ex-husband with a 2-year old in tow after my marriage imploded shocked everyone, myself included. For a long time, everything in that marriage seemed fine. To anyone outside of my heart, I seemed fine. But I just wasn’t.

As I progressed in my own journey, I felt in my gut that I needed to dive deeper to investigate why it happened and to help others make a shift towards a more-aligned life. I found myself enrolled in both a RYT-200 Yoga certification course and an Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching course, propelling me on my own journey.

Upon completion, I envisioned myself helping people discover what imbalances in their lives were hindering their path, and working with them to find tools that would help them restore balance and find peace in their hearts…and so Alight Your Life Coaching was born.

Meet Joy

Founder & CEO

First, let me say welcome – I’m so happy you’re here exploring! I hope you’re intrigued and look forward to talking more with you. But first, here’s a little more about me…I’m a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, helping people help themselves work towards living their most balanced and fulfilling lives. I’m here to be your tour guide. I’ll help you maneuver through the rough and muddy waters of your life, focusing on improving the balance of the four body systems so that you feel confident navigating on your own.

Joy Morales-Bartlett Integrative Wellness and Life Coach
Joy Morales-Bartlett

I’m a teacher by trade and spent nearly a decade working with at-risk youth. It fulfilled my natural desire to help heal in many respects, but I still felt the pull towards discovering new paths for myself. My hope is to encourage and help other women discover their own paths with my work.

In addition to receiving my certification from the Integrative Wellness Academy, I have a B.A. in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara and hold a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.  In my free time, I’m also a blogger.

When I’m not doing any of those things, I’m a doting-ish wife to my handsome and brainy husband, and a mom to three kooky kids. I love cooking, eating, binge-watching Netflix, singing and taking walks with my family. Oh, and anything that tastes remotely reminiscent of Fall.

I love my life now, but it wasn’t always that way. Five years ago, this blurb would have looked a lot different. In fact, it likely wouldn’t have been written at all. I’ve been stuck, shaky, depressed, anxious, and lost.

I found my way out.

And now I want to help you find your way too.

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